European Youth Go Team Championship 2016/17

We are happy to announce the third European Youth Go Team Championship (EYGTC), taking place online from December 2016 to January 2017. Teams from many EGF countries have registered for the tournament. See below for details.

The winner is: Russia!
Second Germany and third Hungary.

The Prize Giving took place at the European Youth Championship 2017 in Grenoble.

The first and 2nd EYGT both were won by the Russian team!

Final Standings:

Pl. Name M MP BP SoMP SoBP Pe
1 Russia 3 8 11 12 19  
2 Germany 6 8 16 29 1Y
3 Hungary 4 10 10 18  
4 United Kingdom 3 4 9 6 13  
5 Romania 3 4 8 16 22 2Y
6 Italy/Switzerland/Austria 3 2 6 10 23  
7 Serbia 3 2 4 10 25  
8 France 2 3 16 28  

Pl. = Place, M = Number of Matches, MP = Match Points, BP = Board Points, Sum of Opponents' Match Points, SoBP = Sum of Opponents' Board Points, Pe = Penalties, Y = Yellow Card

Pairings / Results:

1st round: Saturday, December 3rd, 2016 Results
 Russia - France 4-1
 Romania - Germany 2-3
 UK - Serbia 2-3
 Italy/Switzerand/Austria - Hungary 1-4
2nd round: Saturday, January 7th, 2017 Results
 Germany - Russia 1-4
 Serbia - Hungary 0-5
 France - Romania 0-5
 UK -  Italy/Switzerand/Austria 4-1
3rd round: Saturday, January 28th, 2017 Results
 Russia – Romania 3-2
 Hungary – Germany 1-4
 France – UK 2-3
 Italy/Switzerland/Austria – Serbia 4-1


Russia, last year's winner, is allowed to start with two teams, Russia A and Russia B but only if the number of participants is odd. Below the list of teams with their respective team captain:

Team Captain Nick
Germany Marc Oliver Rieger weiqi5
UK Alison Bexfield abex
Romania  Laura Avram thelaura
France Denis Karadaban Luffyy
Hungary Júlia Seres Juli15
Italy, Switzerland & Austria Sofia Malatesta sofiam
Serbia Ivan Todorovic SinnerHell
Russia Ilya Shikshin roln111

Project leaders: Lorenz Trippel aka betterlife (Switzerland), Marc Oliver Rieger aka weiqi5 (Germany).
Tournament organizers: Semi Lee aka paipaipou, Alan Rees aka AlpnCactus, Marieke Ahlborn aka shaolan.
Important dates:
  • Registration of country teams had been taken place until September 11th, 2016.
  • Submission of list of players (with names and birthdays, sorted by current EGF rating) and name and email address of the team captain until October 11th, 2016, by email to the project leaders and mrieger (at)
    (Up to 3 players can be nominated later, see the rules for details!)
  • Start of the matches: 3rd December 2016.
  • We will have 3 rounds accelerated Swiss System.

System / Rules:

  • Each EGF-country can have one participating team.
  • It is possible and strongly encouraged that neighboring countries that are too small to have a strong youth team by themselves join together to form one team. (Some possible suggestions: Benelux, Iberia, British Islands, Scandinavia etc.)
  • A team consists of 6-15 amateur players. All players must be citizens of the country they represent or being resident in this country for at least two years.
  • In each match, five players of each team play:
      • one player U20 (birth year 1997 or later),
      • two players U16 (birth year 2001 or later),
      • two players U12 (birth year 2005 or later).
  • All players must either be citizens of the country or living there for at least two years.
  • The team captain (usually an adult who does not play in the team himself) will be in charge of coordinating their team and of communicating with the project leaders and the tournament manager.
  • Will be played on KGS with 60 Minutes+3x30 seconds Japanese Byoyomi without handicap and with 6.5 komi.
  • We play in the room "Euro Youth Team". Click on "Rooms", choose "Rooms List", "Tournaments", "Euro Youth Team".
  • The detailed rules are in parts similar to the Pandanet European Team Championship of the adults.


  • Will there be handicap? - No, but due to the tournament system, after one or two rounds teams of similar strength play against each other.
  • Can a younger child play in an older age category? - Yes, of course.
  • Can a child play in different age categories in different rounds? - Yes, no problem.
  • Will there be prizes? - We'll see what we can do... :)
  • Are there some special rules i should know about? - We play "accellerated Swiss system" (meaning the first round is skipped to avoid some boring games), up to three players can be added later to the team (under certain conditions) and one country (Russia) is allowed to play with two teams where one team is the A-team (with the top players) and one the B-team (with remaining players).
  • Can one player play in different rounds play in different teams? - Usually no, but with one exception: a player might sometimes play in Russia A and sometimes in Russia B (but of course not in both in the same round).


  • The games are being played on a saturday, default playing time is 14:00.
1st Round 3.12.2016
2nd Round 7.1.2017
3rd Round 28.1.2017
The default starting time depends on the time zones of the participating teams. 
a) within the same time-zone, default time to start is 14:00;
b) one hour difference, default time to start is 14:00 / 15:00;
c) two hours difference, default time to start is 14:00 / 16:00;
d) three hours difference, default time to start is 13:00 / 16:00.
CET (GMT+1):,Croatia, Czechia, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Serbia, Slovenia, Slovakia
EET (GMT+2): Romania, Ukraine
MSK (GMT+3): Russia


The teams are from last year, as long as the list is empty the team has not registered yet!


Name Nick Rank Rating Age
Guillaume Ougier gosushi3 1d   U20
Ariane Ougier   1d    U20
Robin Bonjean r0n1n 1k   U20
Abdallah Mezouar nzxt69 1k   U20
Garand Franck jozz 4k   U20
Isaac Scribe isaac7 2k   U16
Aurélien Morel Leptiot38 2k   U16
Solal Zémor solal 3k   U16
Linh_Vu Tu lvt 7k   U16
Ismael Fathallah Ismago 11k   U16
Cyan Touzot CT3bis 9k   U12
Adam Morel NuageMagic 13k   U12
Céleste Entraygues cecetotoro 15k   U12
Laouen Durand laouen 16k   U12
Victor Koltz vico9  20k   U12


Name Nick Rank Rating Age
Matias Pankoke tichu 4d   U20
Oliver Wolf sinsai 4d   U20
Martin Ruzicka martin97 4d   U20
Chafiq Bantla gosei 3d   U20
Gabriel Wagner ihmsje 2d   U20
Arved Pittner GOPARD 2d   U16
Feiyang Chen feiyang 2d   U16
Manuel Jacobsen ManuelGJ 2k   U16
Emanuel Schaaf jinvasion 1k   U16
Emre Cinar Blackninja 2k   U16
Immanuel Dottan Falkenauge 7k   U12
Angelika Rieger Angelika 12k   U12
Ferdinand Marz bluemchen 9k   U12
Kevin Zhu kevinzhu 13k   U12
Alessio Thum Desti 17k   U12


Name Nick Rank Rating Age
Róbert Csizmadia Rambo 1d   U20
Viktória Csizmadia   8k   U20
Miklós Csizmadia Miklos 3k   U16
Botond Ekler-Szabó Boti 7k   U16
Barnabás Köllner kutya 7k   U16
Áron Goschler   15k   U16
Boáz Billege Boaz 8k   U12
András Sándor Andras 16k   U12
Ambrus Sándor Ambrus 18k   U12

Italy, Switzerland & Austria:

Name Nick Rank Rating Age
Junzhe Tai LightSworn 1d   U20
Federico Bonaudo Federico98 4k   U20
Ilya Serduk Valdoriga 9k   U20
Yikuan Chen Yikuan 9k   U16
Jacob Adamek Yakobu 11k   U16
Oslo Gardenghi oslogar 13K   U16
Yifei Chen Fuenfzig 17k   U16
Davide Bernardis dabe005 6k   U12
Lei Lei Chen LeiLei 16k   U12
Marta Bernardis Tails 17k   U12
Eleonora Morandin Ele2007 18k   U12
Giovanni Zippel Giovanni 20k   U12


Name Nick Rank Rating Age
Alexandru Pitrop alpi 3d 2360 U20
Darius Dobranis darius8 1d 2074 U20
Denis Dobranis denis4 1d 2088 U16
Elian Grigoriu elianovici 1d 2184 U16
Bianca Tudosie catalinat 10k 1022 U16
Ioan-Alexandru Arsinoaia ionut10 4k 1707 U12
Stefan Rotarita rstefan 6k 1555 U12
Matei Mihai mateimihai 7k 1387 U12


Name Nick Rank Rating Age
Fionin Grigorij Grisharoot   2618 U20
Popov Stepan StepanP   2501 U20
Kajmin Vjacheslav KayMin   2479 U20
Chernykh Anton anton007   2476 U20
Shakhov Kim kim2002   2394 U16
Mezin Savva Savva02   2039 U16
Mramorov Andrej YodaRus   2035 U16
Arsentjev Egor egorars   1915 U16
Krajnov Anton Handbell   1885 U16
Shalneva Virzhinia Virginia   2068 U12
Pishchalnikov Artemij ar4   2040 U12
Klochikhina Valeria Lera2005   1878 U12
Prikarev Nikita PrikarevN   1840 U12
Klochikhin Ivan ivan2006   1736 U12
Timur Melikov     912 U12


Name Nick Rank Rating Age
Mihailo Jacimovic Hami 3d   U20
Darko Vuk DarkoVuk 10k   U16
Nikola Ilic NikolaIlic 15k   U16
Stasa Radenkovic StasaRaden 17k   U16
Marija Zivkovic MarijaZiva 20k   U16
Jovan Tomic JovanTomic 20k   U16
Aleksa Milivojevic AleksaMili 20k   U16
Ognjen Radic OgnjenRadi 19k   U16
Dimitrije Ilic DimitrijeI 19k   U16
Aleksandra Milivojevic Aleksandra 20k   U16
Iva Jovanovic IvaJovanov 20k   U16
Ana Ilic AnaIlic 19k   U12
Nemanja Gajic NemanjaGaj 17k   U12
Lenka Bojanic lenka06 19k   U12

United Kingdom:

Name Nick Rank Rating Age
Kapriel Chiarini vardiello 2k 1730 U20
Charlotte Bexfield ibex 5k 1135 U20
Alex Terry zeldor 6k 1197 U20
Roella Smith alleor 7k 1190 U20
Yueran Wang  jrstone 2d   U16
Zaki Betesh LiEr 5k 736 U16
Oscar Selby oscar1099 6k 1498 U16
Josh Gorman  Bigfoot 6k   U16
Alexander Hsieh choccookie 16k 508 U12
Jianzhou Mei jianzhou 20k 100 U12
Edmund Smith fishy05 8k 1293 U12
George Han GEORGE 5k   U12